İbn Mekkî Es-Sikilli's Life, Institutional Personality and Investigation of The Arabic Language of Tathqīf Al-Lisan

Ekrem Çelik


One of the important topics on the Arabian language scene is the mistakes made on the ground. A lot of work has been done to preserve the language structure and its basic characteristics and to convey it accurately and strongly to the future generations. Sarf, nahiv, belagat studies, as well as some scholars and the Qur'an expressed in the term expressed in the name of the Qur'an have worked on errors. The Andalusian language and literary scholar Ibn Mekkî es-Ṣıḳıllî (d. 501/1108 [?]) Is one of the linguists who performed this work. In this article, we have discussed the work of this important scholar, Tathqīf al-lisan and talqîḥ al-jinân, in terms of Arabic language mistakes. In doing so, we kept the scope in this framework by remaining faithful to the title of the fifty subjects that the author has determined. By addressing each topic individually, we have identified the mistakes and the correct shapes of them. Research is crucial in determining the mistakes that are made in Arabic language, in order to identify the mistakes made by people belonging to various layers of the society. Thus, a modest study has been aimed at the formation of the awareness of using Arabic correctly and beautifully.


Arabic language; Ibn Makkî es-Ṣıḳıllî; Tathqīf al-lisân; Lahn; Andalusian; Syntax; Morphology; Writing

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