Investigation of The Current Web Sites of City Hospitals

Mustafa Kaya, Mustafa Filiz


This study was carried out to measure the effectiveness of the city hospitals, which started to serve until December 2018, according to a set of criteria. The data was collected by making the form necessary for the purpose of making the form fit for the evaluation of the web sites of the city hospitals by taking the literature review and expert opinion. The websites of city hospitals were examined according to 10 criteria and standardized and graded. Web sites did not get the full score from any criterion, while the highest score received information criterion for the appointment system and treatment follow-up, while the lowest score received information criterion for foreign patients. The web pages of the hospitals have received information about foreign patients, information about physicians, information about photo galleries and different presentation criteria. It is thought that the elimination of the deficiencies in the websites by taking into consideration the criteria of the city hospitals under the criteria examined can be a positive effect on the service provision, use and image of the institutions.


City hospitals; Web site ; Health services; Effectiveness; Presentation criteria

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