Evaluation of Health Policies for Migrants in Turkey and The European Union Countries

Mustafa Filiz, Türkan Yıldırım


Throughout history, people have had to migrate for many different reasons. Migration due to war is the most difficult and distressed form of migration. Turkey and the European Union countries have received considerably migration in many period. With these migrations, migrants and local people faced many problems. The most important of these problems are encountered in the field of health care. In this study, it was evaluated the scope of health policy for immigrants in Turkey and the EU countries Although there are health policies for migrants in particular for woman migrants in Turkey and Europe, it does not seem adequate The recruitment of health personnel among the migrants in the healthcare system can make a significant contribution to determining and meeting the health needs of migrants. By identifying health risks for migrants and local residents, health policies can be improved, and significant progress can be made in health care.


Migrants; Migration; Health Policy; Health; Health Service

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