Prof. Dr. Talat Koçyiğit’s Life and the Method in his Book of Quran Translation and Commentary

Orhan Parlak


Talat Koçyiğit (1927-2011) is one of the first student and graduates of the Faculty of Theology of Ankara University. With the guidance of M. Tayyip Okiç who was the teaching staff of this faculty, he started working as a researcher assistant in Hadith department at the faculty where he graduated from. Talat Koçyiğit was actually a Hadith scholar and he wrote some wonderful works related to his field. Also, Talat Koçyiğit had a great interest in commentary science, and in 2016, a new work of him consisting of seven large volumes in the name of “Quran Translation and Commentary” was published. The commentator benefited from all sources of commentary in his mentioned work. Talat Koçyiğit himself, based this work on the School of Literary-Social Commentary. When the work is analysed, it will be seen that the social affairs are also explained in a fluent style with the provisions of Islamic law. Compared to the works published recently in our country, it will be seen that the work named “Quran Translation and Commentary” is a nice and useful commentary.


Commentary; Social Commentary; Quran; Hadith; Verse

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