Evaluation of Quran Imagination in The 4–6 Age Group Children

Orhan Parlak, Süleyman Şen


In this study, the children of 4-6 years old group and the children in this age group who are educated in Presidency of Religious Affairs and who have official figures of 110.000 as of 2018 will be able to identify the ideas of the Qur'an, we conducted a field research aimed at revealing the idea of the Qur'an to the children of the 4-6 age group at the beginning of the school. There are 100 children who are students of 9 different classes selected from the 4-6 Age Group Quran Courses which differ in terms of geographical, economic and social environment in İzmir Bayraklı Province in 2016. In this course, 4-6 Age Group Quran Teacher Course, 9 instructors, 109 people attended. In our study of children who were illiterate 4-6 years old, we used interview method as a data collection tool for children to be fit for this situation. In the realization of the interview, previous scientific studies and the opinions of field experts were used. Findings obtained from the research were analysed and evaluated according to gender and age difference status variables.


Qur'an 4-6 Age Group; Children Imagination; Pre-school; Education; Tafsir

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