Determination of Financial Literacy Level of Banking Employees: The Case of Sivas Province

Selahattin Koç, Semih Vergi, Bülent Akdemir


The purpose of this study was to determine the financial literacy levels of the personnel working in the banking sector in order to contribute to the literature on financial literacy and financial literacy level. The sample of the study was determined as 217 employees of the banks operating in Sivas province and the data obtained by the survey method were analysed by statistical analysis. As a result of the analysis of the findings of the study, it was determined that the financial literacy levels of the male participants were higher than the female participants and the overall success levels of the bank personnel in the study were at medium level with 65%. In addition, financial literacy levels were divided into specific factors in terms of demographic characteristics, as a result of the study, a statistically significant difference was determined in the factors such as financial information, cost and profit information, tax and commission awareness according to gender, education level and staff title. Besides, positive correlation was found between the factors of staff title change and cost profit information, insurance information.


Financial literacy; Financial education; Financial information; Bank employees; Survey

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