Systematic Review of Studies to Determine Factors Affecting Vaccine Rejection / Instability / Contrast

Mustafa Filiz, Mustafa Kaya


This research study to determine the factors affecting vaccine rejection/indecision/contrast in Turkey were intended to be done systematically analysed. For this purpose, between January 2009 and January 2018, ULAKBİM, Google Scholar, National Thesis Centre and EBSCO directories / databases were searched. As a result of the screening, a total of 8 studies were included in the study because they met the specified criteria. The research was conducted retrospectively in the literature. Secondary data were used in the study. PRISMA method was followed in the preparation of systematic reviews. According to the findings, the information about vaccinations in Turkey at high rates as provided by the social media website, with low rates provide information from health centres and in front of vaccination has been shown to be ignorance about the biggest obstacle of the subject. It is thought that health workers should be more active on these platforms in order to provide more accurate and support vaccination information provided on websites or social media.


Vaccine; Vaccine rejection; Vaccine instability; Vaccine contrast; Systematic review

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