Dictionaries in Arab Language and Rhetoric- Dictionary Types and Term Dictionaries

Ramazan Ege, Ahmet Ensar Kahraman


This study aims to give information briefly about the mu‘cem and khamus, which are the words of the dictionary in Arabic, and to discuss the types of Arabic dictionaries and term dictionaries. Dictionary studies in the Arab society began when the Arab society encounter foreign culture as a result of Islam's conquests. The Arabs learned the way of writing a dictionary from the nations that previously prepared a dictionary. Reasons like understanding unknown words which are in the Quran, loosing existence of words with dying of people who use words, interaction of foreign cultures and fear of losing language had writing dictionary started. Accordingly, dictionaries that serve different purposes and use different methods were written. We believe that this article will be sufficient for those who want summary information about dictionaries and glossaries, and for those who want detailed information, through reference books.


Arab; Mu‘cem; Kâmus; Term; Quran

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