Jews in the Period of the Qur'an

Orhan Parlak, Nurullah Recep Görgün


The hijaz where Ouran descended is also a settlement for Jews. Even if there is not sufficient evidence for existence of Jewish living groups in Mecca, three great Jewish tribe live in Medina. Muslim and Jews relations actually started after migration. We explained Jew’s historic beginning from Hz. Abraham and his generation to Today’s Jew’s by using historical sources. We touched both time of Quran descended and conditions of place. According to ayah and historical sources we examined the language which was used against Jew’s during to period of Mecca and Medina. In this study which are handled considering abatement arrangement od Qur'an's reveal, which is practised until end from beginning of revelation, To Mohamed and To Qur'an pillar of faith revelation is an indispensable factor. We explain that is attitudinized as regard ipsofacto interlocutor's behaviour, doesn't be discussed a relationship that goes on continuous throughout negative towards jews in the context of Qur'an text.


The People of the Book; Judaism; Mecca verse; Medina verse; Qur'an

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