Preposition of Lâm of Ta‘Lîl in Arabic

Halil İbrahim Kocabıyık, Pınar Akgül


In almost all classical and modern Arabic works the subject of lam of ta’lil is not analyzed under a separate title, but has been interspersed among other subjects.  Lexical meaning of the word Ta‘lîl has three main meanings as to repeat, causality and to disturb; however, the term meaning refers to the attribution of an action or judgement derived from the root of “ع ل ل” (a-l-l) to the causality and explaining by grounding on the causality. Namely, it means an action or judgement is attributed to the causality. Lâm of Ta‘lîl means مِنْ أَجْلِ  and is a proposition which establishes a cause and effect relationship between compounds and words coming before and after it. Although there are some disputes about the denomination of this letter, according to the favourite view, it is called as lâm of key when it comes before the Present Participle (Muzari) verbs and lâm of ta‘lîl when it comes before common nouns (sarih nouns). This preposition is added to common nouns, and müevvel infinitives.


Ta‘lîl; Lâm; Letter; Preposition; Causality

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