Vehicle Selection by AHP Weighted VIKOR Method; Rent A Car Company Application

Rahim Arslan


As a requirement of competition, the automobile sector offers more alternatives to the consumer and diversifies the characteristics of these alternatives. In particular, decision making is the most optimal tool for businesses that want to buy more than one vehicle. In this study, a rent a car company that wants to take the vehicle for the application was made. The importance of the criteria that the company considers when purchasing vehicles is determined by the AHP method. By using these weights, VIKOR method was tried to determine the most suitable tool (s) for the operation. In the study, 10 criteria were used: city fuel consumption, urban fuel consumption, acceleration (0-100km / sec), engine cylinder volume, engine power (hp), CO2 emission value, number of airbags, safety note, baggage volume and price. 15 vehicle brands were taken as an alternative. According to the results of the AHP, the rent a car company pays more attention to the number of airbags, CO2 emissions, price and baggage volume. The A11 and A14 brands were calculated as the most suitable vehicle according to VIKOR method.


Analytic Hierarchy Process; VIKOR; Multi Criteria; Decision Making; Rant a car; Criterion Weighting

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