Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Accounting Profession: Sivas Example

Muhammet Mustafa Kısakürek, Esra Aydoğan


As a result of the removal of trade barriers and the accounting standards applied by many countries with the globalization, the importance of the service quality has increased in the accountancy. The purpose of this study is to determine how the quality of the service provided by accounting profession members is evaluated by taxpayers and the dimensions of service quality which is meaningful for taxpayers. For this purpose, the businesses in Sivas were admitted as sample. For this research the face to face interview method was used.  Consequently, it was conducted with 374 businesses. The dimensions of service have been determined by means of the factor analysis at the end of the research. It was found that taxpayers have evaluated the dimensions of service quality different from each other depending on their gender, their positions in the business, the area of activity of their businesses, the type of tax obligation of their businesses and their method of book-keeping. However, it hasn’t been seen any differences in the evaluation of service quality factors depending on age, the operating period of business, its legal structure and the number of its employees.


Service Industry; Service Quality; Accounting Profession; Customer Satisfaction; Factor Analysis

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